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EARLY ACCESS FEATURE: Subtitle presets

Great news: you found an excellent feature of ContentFries - Subtitle presets!

Because it is very new, it is under heavy development and it's available in early access.

Let's take a look at what it does and what the early access means.

How subtitle presets work

Behind the scenes subtitle presets automate what is really tedious and time consuming.

Depending on the preset you choose, the subtitles will get changed.

Such changes often include random subtitles rotation, some presets will highlight individual lines, while other will highlight keywords extracted from your text by leveraging an AI.

There are more than 15 presets so you can pick the one you like the most.

Recommended use cases

Use subtitles presets for short videos, great for Reels, TikTok, YouTube shorts, Stories, etc.;
Use emojis in text to make your subtitles stand out even more;
Modify individual subtitles to your liking - adjust font size, font family, rotation, etc.;
Consider making your video fullscreen and removing headline when using subtitles preset. To make your video fullscreen, just choose it in the layers section and click "Cover" in the Size section of video settings;
Consider shortening your subtitles to 20 characters per line. To do this, simply go to Advanced captions editor, change "characters per line" setting and click on "recalculate captions";
Experiment and discover great options - try to combine this with the audio visualizer, or leverage other cool ContentFries features.

Keep in mind that there are two levels of subtitles settings now: Individual and global.
Standard subtitles use global settings, while all subtitles will turn into individual setting mode as soon as you choose any preset. That means that if you change subtitle setting, it will affect only that particular subtitle, unless you switch the settings to global mode.

Current limitations

While there is no hard limit on the duration of the fry, we recommend you to keep fries with this feature short (under 3-5 minutes), as long videos were not tested.

Other limitations to consider:
All presets will now generate randomized subtitles with location around the center of the context. You will be able to modify this behavior soon.
Subtitle presets do not work in linked contexts yet, bulk exports are not supported either (for now). Please unlink the contexts where you want to use them and export your fries separately.
Subtitle presets will not save as a part of a template. With that said, you can use the preset anytime, and in any fry you want.
There is currently no option to change settings of the preset before you apply it. This option will be available soon.
If you apply a preset that highlights lines, and then apply next preset that also does this, the highlighted lines will be duplicated. You can restore subtitles from the "history" tab in case this happens, or use Ctrl+z (or Cmd+z on mac) shortcut in the captions editor to undo preset text changes.
Currently, there is no option to create private presets, but we will add this option in the near future.

This feature is by far one of the most requested features by our community. This is a large update that changed many underlying aspects of the platform.

Please excuse any temporary issues that may occur during the stabilisation period. We hope you will like and enjoy this new awesome feature!

Updated on: 10/10/2022

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