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How to export part of a content piece

Do you need to repurpose your content piece to a story, TikTok video, or an Instagram feed? Perhaps you need just one part of your content piece to be used as a teaser?

Whatever the reason may be, you can do that in no time. Follow this tutorial to learn how to make simple cuts in the context editor.

(Optional) To keep things organised, make sure you are in the correct context of your content piece. Use the context switcher if you need to switch it. Click HERE to see how to switch your context.

Don't worry if your context is locked. To make any adjustments before you export it, click the "Unlink current context" text. Feel free to watch this video to get a better understanding of linked contexts.

How to export part of a content piece by creating export areas

To export a part of a content piece, click on "Toggle Layers/Trimmer" button.

Afterwards, drag & drop on the audio timeline in the layers section at the bottom to select the region you want to export.

You can create as many export areas as you need. If there are none, your content piece will be exported in full length.

Click the "Play" button to preview what will be exported.

When ready, export your context and distribute it where you want.

Need to make more in-depth cutting?

You can use the ContentFries Trimmer to:
add an Intro,
add an Outro,
inject a CTA (Call to Action) at the desired position
remove filler words
cut out what you don't want in the video

ContentFries Trimmer can help you repurpose your pillar content into as many content pieces as you need.

Good news is that you can copy your content piece to the Trimmer, which opens many different options of use.

To copy your content piece to the Trimmer, go to the Dashboard and click the Pillar content icon in your content piece.

Copy content piece to trimmer

To get a better understanding of how ContentFries Trimmer can help you, please follow this guide:
How to use ContentFries Trimmer to repurpose your Pillar Content

Updated on: 19/05/2021

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