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How to modify captions

Change timings

You can manually adjust timings of your captions just by drag and drop on the captions timeline.

Modify timings

If you're unable to see individual captions in the timeline, zoom out the timeline using the zoom slider:

Zoom slider

Second way, how you can adjust the caption timings is by changing times in the captions section:

Change in captions section

Automatic timings feature

We recommend you to always proofread your captions first, then use this feature if necessary.

Beware: this option will create new version of captions. Timings and the way how captions are split will be changed, but the individual words will remains unaffected.

In case anything goes wrong, you can restore the previous version of the captions from the history tab.

To use the automatic timings feature, go to the advanced captions editor:

Advanced captions editor

Modify how many characters per line and how many lines per caption you want to sync your captions into. Then click "Recalculate captions".

Change advanced captions editor settings

Split captions by every nth word

This feature is great for making engaging captions for TikTok or Instagram Reels videos.

Click the arrow button located near the "Recalculate captions" button and choose "Split captions by every nth word".

Split by words

Then just set how many words you wish to have per caption and click "Save and recalculate captions".

How to split captions or add a new caption line

To split captions, move your cursor to the panel with captions, as shown in the following image:

Adding captions

Once you move your cursor to any of the captions and click anywhere in the text space, click the "Enter" button on your keyboard, as shown in the following video:

Updated on: 04/01/2022

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