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How to use ContentFries Trimmer to repurpose your Pillar Content

Your Facebook Live, a webinar, an interview you recorded earlier, a tutorial, or any other long video will have multiple content pieces in it.

That's why we created the ContentFries Trimmer. It can help you repurpose your content efficiently, so that you can make tens of content pieces with ease.

How do you get the most out of it?

TIP: Upload an .mp4 file, so you don't have to wait until your video is transcoded.

Upload your Pillar Content

Click the "Start a wizard" button located on your dashboard.
Trimmer 1

Click the "Start ContentFries Trimmer Wizard" button.
Trimmer 2

a) Upload your Pillar Content piece you want to repurpose into different content pieces.

Pillar Content upload #1

Don't forget to select the right language if you plan to use the auto-transcription tool.

Pillar Content upload #2

Finish the wizard and proceed to the trimmer interface.

Pillar Content upload #3

ContentFries Trimmer Interface

The ContentFries Trimmer is very easy to use.

Drag on the audio timeline to select the area you want to turn into a content piece. You can create as many content pieces as you wish, and they can even overlap each other.

If you need to cut out any parts of your content pieces, click the "Custom cuts" button. The Trimmer will select your content piece so you can cut the undesired parts out just by dragging on the audio.

When ready, you can generate your content pieces by clicking the "Generate" button.

Your content pieces will start to be processed immediately. The shortest content piece is processed first, followed by the second shortest, etc.

Thanks to this behavior, you can start working on your first content piece ASAP.

You can leave the Trimmer interface and go to your dashboard. Refresh your dashboard in a couple of minutes to see if your content pieces are ready.

How to repurpose Pillar Content into 100+ content pieces

TIP: Use the ContentFries Trimmer to repurpose your content into tens or even 100+ content pieces at once.

All you need to do is to cut out ten content pieces and set ten contexts for each of them.

This way, you'll get 100 content pieces you can export and publish where you want.

Updated on: 20/11/2020

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