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Linked contexts - what they are and how to use them

ContentFries was built from the ground up to follow the strategies of the best content creators.

ContentFries was inspired by the Content Multiplier Formula by Peng Joon, the Gary Vee Content Model, and primarily by building our Slovak brand, Andy Winson.

By using the ContentFries Trimmer and the Linked Contexts feature, you can repurpose your webinar, Facebook Live, an interview, or any other pillar content piece to tens or even 100+ video content pieces for your social media accounts in one or two afternoons.

Linked contexts can help you multiply and repurpose your content piece while keeping contextuality in mind.

Every content piece has context groups.

Every context group has contextual content pieces.


The only thing that is linked to the content piece is the transcript.


Context groups have contextual content pieces. The first item in your context group is your primary item. All the other linked pieces will share its visuals automatically.

Therefore, you don't need to modify every contextual content piece from scratch or keep selecting a template again and again.

Instead, if you need to make any adjustments, you can UNLINK any contextual content piece with just one click. Any further modifications will then be allowed.


This is what sits in front of you in the context editor.

You can create as many context groups and as many contextual content pieces as you want.

This way, you can repurpose your content pieces into tens of contextual content pieces.

Example scenario


Facebook context - Primary item.
Instagram context - Linked piece, partial export up to 59 seconds.
Stories - Linked pieces, partial exports. To be used as teasers to the primary content.
IGTV - Unlinked piece. Small modifications, square format.
Youtube - Unlinked piece. Captions, headline and progress bar removed.

Video explanation of the linked context (forward to 13:15)

Updated on: 22/11/2020

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