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My video is now working / I only hear the audio - How Can I Fix It?

More often than not, the videos you upload will need to be encoded.

We encode videos to make sure they are playable in your browser, to save bandwidth and to make them and the UI load as fast as possible.

Why is my video appearing as a black screen?

Browser support for video files is limited. For example, various browsers are unable to play .mov files recorded by iPhone or iPad.

ContentFries will automatically encode these videos for no extra charge.

Encoded videos are served through global content delivery network, and they should work fine in all modern browsers.

If you see a black screen instead of your video, it means that your video is not supported by the browser, and it was not encoded yet.

We have chosen NOT to force our users to wait until this process is finished, so they can prepare other things in the meantime (headline, template, etc.).

When are videos transcoded?

We transcode videos if they are not an .mp4 file, or if they are too big to be played smoothly.

If you want to avoid the transcoding process, you can use a video transcoder. HandBrake is great and can help you with this. It is also free.

When we export your video, we always only work with the source videos you uploaded, and not with the encoded ones. This is to keep the quality of the rendering outputs as high as possible.

Updated on: 05/05/2021

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