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Rendering is not working / app is crashing? This is how to fix it

No rendering = no ContentFries. That's why functional and fast rendering is one of our top priorities. Please try to follow these tips in case you're stuck with exporting, or get in touch with us.

Check if there is no maintenance / update in progress

In case there is ongoing maintenance, rendering might get delayled. You can check if that's the case here:

Disable interfering plugins / browser extensions

ContentFries is making snapshots of headlines to make video exports consistent with what you see in your browser.

Some of the plugins / extensions might cause issues, for example:

uBlock Origin
Brave Shield
Similar ad blockers, etc.

Please report us any problematic extension, so we can find a permanent solution and add support to the extension.

Add exception to antivirus or try to disable VPN / malware scanner / ad blocking systems

Some antivirus / malware scanner may block the rendering process and adding to exceptions list might help.

This is caused by the snapshot making mechanism that is creating images of video headlines in your browser, before the render is initiated.

This process is very complex and antivirus / malware scanner or VPN connection might block it.

After you add to the exceptions list, it should work normal.

Report us your observation

Our aim is to support rendering for any possible environment.

Rendering issues are very rare and our robust rendering system will automatically retry any failed rendering and inform our dev team in case of any failure automatically.

In case some antivirus or browser extension is blocking the rendering, the rendering request is not even initiated.

If you find out some extension, antivirus, VPN or other tool that was blocking rendering for you, reporting it to us can help us tremendously to find a way to support it natively.

Updated on: 16/05/2022

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