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Team Features: Limits, Adding Team Members, and other information

Team Features allow you to add multiple team members into your account, making it possible to help you edit, transcribe, export your videos, and whatever else is needed.

The limits are based on the type of membership the team owner owns.
Please note that a user with a lowest tier membership does not have the ability to add additional team member, but can either share his account or send a magic link from within ContentFries.

Total team members (including main account):

Junior: 1
Cook: 2
Masterchef: 3
Masterchef 2x: 6
Masterchef 3x: 9
Masterchef 4x: 12
Masterchef 5x: 15
SuperB: 18
Platinum: 40
Unlimited: Unlimited

You can add team members on the following webpage, accessible from your profile:
Team members privileges are also editable on that very page.

Adding a team member

Important notes:

The person you are inviting into your team has to log in or sign up (in case he/she does not have an account yet) into ContentFries beforehand.
Limits are always subtracted from the team owner.

Updated on: 10/10/2022

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