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What's the difference between direct and enhanced uploading

Trying to keep the user at the first place is a journey where unexpected things happens.

Stability, speed, security and UI are a big concerns just to name a few.

When ContentFries started, all the uploaded files were going directly to the cloud.

This way the main server was not occupied with the uploads, with serving of big videos and with storage shortcomings.

It was working great... Until it wasn't.

If the storage provider was having no outage - and that was happening at least once a month, we had an outage too. And that's unnaceptable.


Direct uploads are going directly to the cloud storage.

It's fast and it's good, when things go as expected.

If the cloud storage is having an outage for any reason, the app is unusable - practically down. All we can do in such case is to wait until the outage is resolved.

Also there's no way to modify the video before it is fully uploaded to have it - for example - playable in the browser without the need of full download.


Those uploads are going to the ContentFries server at first.

Immediately after your video is fully uploaded, it's metadata without any quality loss for better browser support. This process takes approximately 10 seconds for 1Gb video.

Afterward it is uploaded to the cloud, where it is available for the rendering server, while keeping it fully private and secure.

Better stability - Storage outage will not affect the app in any way
Better support for playing your videos in the browser almost immediately after upload is finished

Currently in BETA

How to switch the uploading method

Due to the fact that the enhanced upload is now in beta, the direct upload is currently the default system.

In most cases your uploads should just work. If you're uploading big video files and you encountered any issues, try the enhanced uploads.

How to switch:
Go to the Profile section
Choose the direct or enhanced upload method and click "Save changes"

Uploading method switch

Updated on: 06/01/2021

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