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Why can't I play my video immediately after upload?

Browser support for playing videos online is limited.

The most commonly used and supported video format is an .mp4 video file encoded with H.264.

The majority of videos uploaded by our users are in an .mp4 format and can be played immediately.

Our core goal is to speed up content creation as much as possible, and therefore, we decided NOT to force our users to wait until the transcoding is finished.

Uploading a video that is not supported by your browser may lead to unexpected behavior.

ContentFries will automatically start the transcoding process immediately after you finish the upload wizard, if:

your video is not an .mp4 file
your video is too big to be played smoothly

The transcoding process will take some time to finish, depending on the size and length of the source video file.

After the transcoding process is finished, ContentFries will automatically replace the source video with the transcoded one to speed up your workflow.

We always use the original video file when rendering or generating content pieces out of your pillar content.

Updated on: 23/11/2020

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